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Debt911 has an extensive knowledge of Personal debt and a deep understanding of the inner works of Debt Counselors and Credit Providers, as well as Employer’s HR Departments and other Groups. This experience complements our ability to implement and manage effective systems and negotiate settlements with various types of Credit Providers. We have a Solution to help all our Clients and our Number One Goal is to Protect the Interests of the Consumer, the Debt Counsellors, Employers and Groups.

  • Mission We believe that debt management does not end with paying creditors. We educate clients on how NOT to remain over-indebted and strive to engage other stakeholders to economically empower our clients to stay afloat of their cash flow challenges.

  • Vission To become the industry leader in excellent customer services, by providing financial solutions that can address the debt situation gripping our economy.

  • Goal Debt is a public enemy. Our goal is to make life more live-able than burdensome while being indebted. At Debt 911 we are geared at providing holistic and turn-key debt management solutions to address the challenge of over 9 Million over-indebted consumers.


  • We reduce home loan installment by 80%

  • We reduced car finance by 75%

  • Other Debt's by 60%

Meet the Team

About debt911

Joseph A.

Operations / Debt Counselor (Assistant)
Joseph is an IT Specialist with more than 12 years of customer care and 3years Debt Review experience. Joseph is also a trained Debt Counselor at Compuscan Academy.
About debt911

Lauren J. Sims

Registered Debt Counselor (NCRDC2592)
Ms Sims started in the Debt Review industry as an Admin some 6 years ago. She has a wealth of experience in the industry. What set Ms Sims apart is her extensive knowledge in financial management. Ms Sims is also Financial Adviser in Old Mutual.
About debt911

Zodidi Jena

Zodidi has a wealth of experience in the credit industry, having worked as an Admin staff in the leading retailers in the country. She understands credit agreements and the fine print consumers always ignores.
About debt911

DEBT911 Team

Debt Adviser
Our team of highly trained debt advisers will walk you trough the debt Review process to give you a financial peace of mind. All our advisers have a full knowledge of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005.